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The Benefits of Converting Your Attic Into a Bedroom

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about converting your attic into a bedroom for many years, and you’re just now getting around to weighing the pros and cons. As you consider whether or not an attic conversion is right for you, make sure your “pro” list includes one or more of these great benefits.

Relocation Avoidance

When your home is too small for your family, your options will be limited. You can move or build onto your house. Moving is a hassle, no doubt about it. It’s also a great expense.

This stands in stark contrast to building an attic conversion. While attic conversion is also a significant expense, that cost represents an investment, while money spent moving is more like money thrown down the drain.

Multi-Generational Living

Ever since the recession, multi-generational living has been more popular than ever. Budget conscious families looking for ways to help one another and save money turn to attic conversions to save money and share the work load. With your parents living upstairs, you can give them the help they need when they need it, while sharing in some of childcare duties and light household chores.

Added Value to Your Home

Attic bedrooms are desirable to buyers, which means they’re big business to homeowners. As much as 84% of the cost of your attic remodel can be added on to the value to your home when it’s time to sell. In addition to the value you’ll enjoy when you’re living in your home, your attic bedroom will pay you back when it’s time to move out.

Grow Your Family

Whether you’re having the baby you always wanted or the baby you never expected, converting your attic into a bedroom will help your family grow into the space where you live. Giving the older kids a place of their own away from the little ones can cut back on arguments between older and younger children, which can help your family feel comfortable and happy while living together under one roof.

Extra Space

Even if you have no real need for an extra bedroom to house your growing family or your aging parents, sometimes all you need is extra space. An attic bedroom can easily double as a hobby room, workshop, craft room or even storage area.

Your attic bedroom can be whatever you need it to be, whether that’s a bedroom,  or a place for your children to play. For more information about converting your attic into a bedroom, contact us today.

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